Solomun announced he is taking a break


Ibiza’s favorite DJ, Solomun announced he is taking a break.

Master of hypnotic sounds and one of the world’s favorite DJs shared a post on instagram stating he won’t be behind the deck until March. Until then, let’s recall his best sets.

”Thanks to everybody for the great year 2019! I will now be on holiday until my next show on March 27.”. Solomun

This phenomenon is none other than Mladen Solomun, alpha and omega of the international house scene, for whom it has become insufficient to say that he is the most popular Balkan-born musician in the world, given that in only a couple of years he has conquered the planet with the amazing ease. His directness and charm are embedded into the charisma defined by the authenticity of the region which he not only didn’t give up on, but presented to the entire world through cutting edge musical expression.


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