Soramimi Announces ‘Pure Rubedo’


Pure Rubedo submerges us into the surreal and celestial world of Soramimi.This is the New York based artist’s second solo EP on her label, Dusk Notes. With a deep exploratory sound known for being challenging and confrontational, yet still concerned with being aesthetically compelling, Soramimi reveals five tracks that are meant to reconcile sensuality and discomfort, beauty and turbulence.

In alchemy, the redness of life is called the rubedo. In this redness there is a warmth and an open consciousness. Redness is passion, purification, and pneuma (spirit). It represents all that is creative, individual, and positive. In today’s atmosphere of collective anxiety and uncertainty, it is important now more than ever to transcend our shadows and celebrate our awareness and awakeness, and our vitality.

Hypnotizing and honest, Pure Rubedo pricks your psyche and disturbs your aural sense of order, and invites you to confront your own subconscious. The A side marches with gusto, telling tall tales of energetic chaos. The B side responds with the allure of more expansive and deeper musings


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