Space Motion launches new label with ‘Esto Es Heaven’ EP

Unstoppable rising force on progressive house scene, Space Motion inaugurates his imprint with a two track EP.

Having risen through the ranks since his first debut on the scene in the early 2000s, Space Motion’s earlier tracks have seen soaring success. Following his debut release back in 2007, Space Motion was working up heat on the DJ circuit before hitting the big with tunes such as ‘Green Waves’, ‘Asia’, ‘Epic’ and ‘Tribe’, that were being played and supported by names such as Solomun, Nick Warren and Black Coffee.
2018 has already proven to be a fruitful for the prolific producer, especially with hitting top charts, but despite this, it seems the unwavering tenacity of Space Motion is undying as he is heading up his very own imprint, Space Motion Records.

Versatile and open minded Space Motion is back with two new tracks crafted in his unique style.
‘Esto Es Heaven’ EP brings us hypnotic tunes named ‘Esto Es Tulum’ & ‘Lost In Heaven’.
EP starts with an organic and powerful groove, and is spices up with vibrant bass and percussion. Space Motion established himself as a true connoisseur of progressive craft, so don’t expect anything less from this EP as it presents a colorful and vibes drive with its main melody and tribally vocals. Splendid elements are properly placed in both tracks and, as it stands for Space Motion’s creation, you can’t expect to hear something like this anywhere else.
An epic flavour is added with some delicate strings and tunes, and it’s certain that we are hearing the upcoming summer hymns that will rule the dancefloors in 2019.

1. Space Motion – Esto Es Tulum
2. Space Motion – Lost In Heaven

Space Motion ‘Esto Es Heaven’ EP is OUT NOW via Space Motion Records.


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