Stockholm DJ Damien Eie Convicted of Rape

The reports from Swedish national newspaper Aftonbladet highlight how Aegir Sigurbjörn Jonsson (Damien Eie’s full name, as listed in court documents) was convicted of rape as well as physical abuse and contacting a minor for sexual purposes.

Real name Aegir Sigurbjörn Jonsson, the Icelandic-born man, whose full name appears in official court documents, was sentenced to two years and six months behind bars at a district court in Stockholm on Friday, October 2nd. As well as rape, he was convicted of physical abuse and contacting a minor for sexual purposes. His lawyer, Magnus Eriksson, says the decision will likely be appealed.

According to the report, Jonsson and the boy he is convicted of raping first met through the dating app Grindr, which has an age limit of 18. Aftonbladet reports that the boy, whose identity has been concealed to protect him, initially told Jonsson he was 16. The two exchanged messages and then met, which is when the boy was raped. The rape was followed by a further four meeting between Jonsson and the boy. When asked about the subsequent meetings, the boy explained that he was scared of saying no, but also revealed that Jonsson threatened him when he refused to meet up.

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