SXM Festival Reveals Showcase Partners, Complete Lineup, and Venues for the March 13-17 Event on the Caribbean Island of Saint Martin/Sint Maarten

SXM Festival has revealed the venues, partners and complete line-up for its return to Saint Martin March 13-17, 2019 — hoping we could look at a news item announcing the final round of info.

Back after a year out, aesthetic curation has been reimagined to incorporate the debris created by Hurricane IRMA in order to minimize the importing of materials. By using recycled and reclaimed wood sourced from the area, the event continues its legacy of producing stages and art in harmony with the local habitat. Venues include beachside festival village Happy Bay; secret jungle retreat Loterie Farm, a sprawling villa party, and more.

Re the line-up and partners, the event’s link to the European underground will be showcased by the decade long reign of Enzo Siragusa’s Fuse London, Amsterdam’s VBX, DJ W!LD’s Parisian club night Daily Cid, and roaming intergalactic party-place Drums. SXM will also host events by NYC’s Zero and Stranger Than, Chaim’s Blue Shadow, Montreal’s (( Stereo )) and more.

Showcase Partners Include Mayan Warrior, Fuse London, Flying Circus, Zero, The Garden of Babylon, The Kazbah, Baum Bogota, Blue Shadow, Sonorous Soundtuary, (( Stereo )), VBX, Monkey Love, Daily Cid, Drums, Stranger Than, and The Other Side
SXM Festival Venues Feature Happy Bay, The Villa, The Refuge,
Jungle Party, Lotus, Mercure Hôtel
Phase Three Lineup Features WhoMadeWho, Vanjee, Hernan Cayetano, and More

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