Techno Is Becoming Boring And Here Is Why


Is techno being ruined by mass production of music, making top selling artists and big, sold – out events?

Chandler Shortlidge in his latest article on Pulse  wrote about how big festivals and big popularity is ruining techno and house.

Author states that house and techno should be more than confetti fodder. And while there are plenty of incredible, boundary pushing techno and house DJs out there making astounding music, much of it rarely hits the festival main stage, where so many more young fans are now consuming their music. That’s why it’s up to today’s promoters to continually put music first, with longer set times, obsessive focus on sound, and unique bookings—even if it’s at the expense of a few pretty lights. But more importantly, it’s why DJs in those headline slots must be willing take risks and challenge their audience, pyrotechnics be damned.

Because without risk, house and techno aren’t much more than a snob’s version of EDM, where it’s all about the drop. 

Read his full article to find out why techno is becoming boring here.

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