Techno Rave Inside Nuclear Bunker


Deep into the forest about 30 miles away from Berlin, we will witness an unforgettable rave.

Techno Rave Inside Nuclear Bunker is a thing! Festival named 5001 will take place in Honecker nuclear bunker made by Soviets during the cold war, 1983. to be more precise on the territory of former Eastern Germany. Festival will take place from 17th to 19th August, and names announced include the likes of Antigone, Shlømo, Rachel Lin, François X, etc.

Head quarters for National Defense of East Germany before the fall of Berlin Wall used to be based here. It can hold nuclear, chemical attacks and its has a lot oh chambers which you can see in its plan below.

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5001 festival offers rave and cultural labyrinths inside these walls and stages will be held in nearby forests as well.

See more images below and find out more about the festival here.


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