Techno All-Stars Are Coming To Movement Torino


Movement Torino is an annual techno and electronic music festival in the Italian city of Turin. Inviting world-renowned DJs and underground stars to the city for one night only, Movement has become one of Europe’s best loved techno events.

Its venue, the city’s Lingotto Fiere, provides the ideal setting for that gritty warehouse vibe, perfectly complimenting the industrial techno that will be reverberating around its walls. And this year techno titans are coming to Movement Festival in Torino, and we can’t wait to hear!

For more info about the festival go here.

Sven Väth

Sven Väth is one of the most respected names on the scene and there are many reasons for it. He beams passion, enthusiasm and devotion to underground music and it’s community. He’s gained the nickname ‘Papa Sven’ not only because hi influenced and inspired so many generations, but because of the way he treats anyone and everyone who shares that same passion. 1981 in Frankfurt is where its all started, with the infamous Omen Club and developed to his Cocoon. A legend among the fans was one of the key figures in evolution of electronic music. He is a visionary whose sets are always highly expected.

Monika Kruse

Monika Kruse’s talent and dedication has made her one of the world’s most highly-respected DJs and producers, who has inspired many in her 25 years long career. She started Terminal M label back in 2000, and it remains one of the most consistently outstanding techno labels. The techno legend with the biggest heart in dance music continues amassing fans across all corners of the globe. Definitely the most charismatic lady on the scene is always smiling behind deck. Monika’s sets are always tastefully arranged, wheather she is playing upcoming music from her label or drops chords of The Who – Baba O’Riley. Music education at its finest is how we would describe Monika’s sets.

Chris Liebing

Chris Liebing is an artist fully absorbed in the music, always looking to experiment with a wide range of sonic possibilities, that complement his tastes.  As a performer he was one of the first to embrace the new realms that technologies such as Traktor have given to recording artists across the globe. Still releasing only the best and purist techno on the label, his success has been in allowing the sound to evolve whist sticking firmly to his roots. CLR boss always has energetic and pounding sets, so beware!


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