Techno TV – Broadcasting Techno

Techno fans, allow us to introduce Techno TV.

Techno TV started off from a Facebook page, and used the last period to gain experience in streaming online DJ sets from their studio and on location in clubs.

After Facebook introduced their live streaming feature there was a Proliferation of people who do what they are trying to do as a company. In order to distinguish Techno TV from others, they created a new concept based completely on their own experiences. Techno TV will become an online TV channel specialized in displaying unique quality DJ sets.

With a reach of at least 750.000 unique likes, Techno TV offers the possibility for Labels, agents, Talented and Established DJ’s exposure and generating content through TV channel, Techno TV.

They will start with a programming of 5 days a week from 19:00 till 23:00 (CET). Techno TV chose this time slot because currently the maximum time allowed to stream live on Facebook is 4 hours Techno TV offer a number of time slots per week/month that can be used to broadcast prerecorded or real-time footage of a live set, based on a contractual agreement.

The audience is potentially 750.000 viewers and can be extended through sharing the stream on the pages of cooperating parties. By sharing the stream the audience can grow to a plurality of the earlier mentioned 750.000.

Numbers: In the week from 11 to 17 March Techno TV had more than 2 million likes from which 750.000 are unique, also, this number grows with around 30.000 likes a week. In addition, Techno TV has a range of over 17 million potentials and over 5 million views.

Techno TV live streams have reached a total of nearly 2.1 million people and in total around 400.000 views. All these figures have been achieved in a test week and they can therefore assume that these figures will increase considerably with the right cooperation and as popularity grows.

They are looking for DJ’s, labels and agents that want to participate in this new format that can become the most popular live broadcasting platform.

For more info please check the official Facebook Page.


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