Techno Veteran Reveals Why Whistles are Important for Raves


Whistles at raves…important for culture’s history… And we were just thinking of how annoying they are, there were also some initiatives for banning them.

Just remember all those epic moments you have at raves when the drop is perfect and then its all ruined by the guy next to you and his whistling…

But it looks like it was not the case, nor an original intention. Whistles at raves were most popular in UK during the 90s, but the story goes way back.

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Reddit user lakeeffectoperative revealed the truth. Artists like Underground Resistance, CyberSonik, P909 and more used whistles to affect the crowd. and soon after it was accepted from the ravers who used it to show they are having a great time, as a way of applause.

So when you hear a whistle on a dance floor near you, it’s a tradition. Read full info here.

Via: EB