Teenage girl dies in Ibiza after bag of ecstasy exploded in her stomach


A teenageer died after a bag of ecstasy exploded in her stomach while she was in Ibiza, an inquest has heard.

Unfortunate girl was identified as Becky Brock, 18, and she was found in a pool of blood in her hotel room where she was on holiday to celebrate her friend’s birthday.

Her mother told Metro that her daughter had been open with her in the past about her experimentation with drugs such as cocaine, but does not think that she would have taken that much ecstasy in one go.

 ‘She said to her sister afterwards that she didn’t like it so she didn’t have to worry. She was very clear about what she let into her body and what she didn’t.’

‘It was my understanding that there had been found material removed from her abdomen. It was described as a body pack.’

Via: Rave Jungle


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