These Deadly Pills Killed 4 Ravers In Two Weeks…


Last two weeks, in Serbia’s capital Belgrade, there were tragic news about 4 deaths of young people.

Starting with the death of 17 year old Jovan Paunovic who died after taking too many pills at one of the city’s famous boat clubs. Police found the amount of drugs that is 5 times bigger that the lethal one in his blood.

Nemanja Šafarik, age 18, died soon after, and cause of death is overdose. 17 year old girl, Marija M. with her brother’s friend when she took the deadly dosage of ecstasy.

The last death is one of 21 year old Mirjana Milic, who was in fact an eye witness of death of the first victim.

Local media and police claim that dangerous pink Red Bull pills showed up, illegally transported from China, that contain deadly dose of MDMA, much stronger than one regularly found in the pills, and probably some dangerous substances that are yet to be discovered in laboratories.

Watch out, same drug has reportedly showed up in the UK two years ago.