Tips to Improve Violin Bowing

Did you know that how you handle your bow reflects on your abilities as a violinist? So as much as possible, you may want to bow correctly with no errors in the room. But in order to do these, you need to be fully invested in what you do and commit to this lifelong passion. If you are eyeing to improve your bowing, look at these tips below that we have gathered for you.

Keep on practicing 

Tips like this one do not guarantee an improved bowing, but consistent practice does. Just like how an athlete trains every day for improvement, musicians mirror this technique too. So the first tip on how to improve your violin bowing is by practicing every day. Do this by bowing in front of a mirror or simply video record yourself to see the things you need to correct and improve on like your posture or the way you hold the bow. 

Hold bow correctly

How you hold your violin bow determines the outcome of the sound. Too much pressure or too loose hold can affect the pressure and angle on the strings resulting in a poor result. There is no acceptable method on how to grip your bow, but it must succumb to comfortability. Your hand must be stable, in condition and control, and relaxed so that you do not need to think about it during the entire performance. 

Maintain elbow at a right angle 

You should be able to maintain a square with imaginary lines starting from your shoulder, to elbow, and to the line made by your bow. Keep this position, but adjust accordingly when needed. Include these in your daily practices like running a basic warm up to see if you can hold your elbow in this position without difficulties. 

Support bow flat on the strings

You may have seen musicians or violinists tilting their bows on a slight angle. But that does not work for newbies. You need to keep in mind that your idols already perfected their technique and they have a deep understanding on how to execute these methods. But if you are new to this field, it is better to keep the bow flat on the strings so you have more control and depth of the sound. As time goes by, you will be able to relax and apply personal formulas. 

Keep bow in the middle 

Veteran or newbie, it is vital to keep bowing to the middle of the bow and not too close to the frog or tip. With this tip, you will gain better control on your bowing. This is suggested and admired by musicians, teachers, and the audience. 

The way you bow is essential to your career as a musician. Moreover, wrong technicalities on bowing may later result in physical issues that may hinder your music career. With the tips listed above, we hope we have helped you in every way to improve and hone your skills. Remember, practice makes perfect! 

Author: Erisse Veloso


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