Tomorrowland pre-sale tickets are on sale


Tomorrowland’s Global Journey Travel Packages ticket sale takes place this weekend.

Another new addition this year is the Tomorrowland Magical Year Pass. This package is valid for two people, and gives access to several Tomorrowland events: a 7-day Package for Tomorrowland Winter, a Spectacular Easy Tent Package for Tomorrowland Belgium, a Garden of Madness Travel Package and a TML by Tomorrowland gift voucher.

The general sale for remaining worldwide tickets will be on Saturday, February 1st. The festival also has two exclusive ticket offers: First 20 and Surprise. The first 20 people of each nationality who register, will have the possibility to buy four Tomorrowland tickets through a dedicated ticket link before the worldwide sale, and the surprise ticket purchasers will not find out which package they have purchased until a week before the event. Get more info here.


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