Tresor Berlin Celebrates 30 Years With New Releases

Iconic Berlin techno club and label Tresor is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year with a string of rare music reissues.

First up in the reissue series is a remastered album from 3MB with Juan Atkins, which is set for release on 28th May. Originally released in 1992, the album was one of the earliest to forge a connection between the sounds of Detroit and Berlin, as Mixmag reports.

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3MB – 3 Men in Berlin – consisted of Moritz von Oswald, Thomas Fehlmann and, occasionally, Atkins. The group’s innovative sound is captured across the seven tracks on their self-titled album: a soulful, funk-infused techno touchstone.

Trevor has also announced a special box set, comprising music from legendary artists affiliated with the club and label, along with numerous new artists. Among a number of other commissioned works to mark the anniversary is a book, which will include previously unpublished pictures, letters and flyers from the club’s history.

More details are expected to be shared next month.


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