New Synthetic ‘No Hangover’ Alcohol Will Change Raves Forever?


What’s the secret to killing off hangovers forever? Well, according to new article on inverse, it’s more alcohol, well synthetic alcohol that is.

Professor David Nutt has developed two new drugs that could do away with liver damage and alcohol-induced shame.

The scientist has cracked a chemical conundrum, which has allowed him to develop new drugs that could wean people off alcohol, while allowing them to enjoy the feeling of being “tipsy”.

The first drug, which called “alcosynth”, is a drink that mimics alcohol. It a non-toxic inebriant that removes the risks of hangovers, liver toxicity, aggression and loss of control.
A benzodiazepine derivative, the substance is in the Valium family, but without being addictive or causing withdrawal symptoms, he claims.
The man behind this marvel is Professor David Nutt, who became famous as the drugs tsar fired by the British government in 2009 for proclaiming that horse-riding is more dangerous than ecstasy.

Now, the Imperial College neuropsychopharmacology professor is making waves with a new mission: saving us from the fatal effects of the most popular drug on earth, alcohol.

So, would you dare to try it?


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