‘Unmute’ – Holland’s rave of 70,000 people

Hundreds of industry actors, promoters and performers have held marches across the country in six cities over the past weekend, to protest against the restrictions that have forced dozens of festivals and events cancellations this summer.

The “Unmute Us” marches in Amsterdam gathered a multigenerational crowd of thousands of party-lovers dancing around trucks and sound systems, carrying slogans like “Don’t Cancel Culture,” or “Fight for your right to party.”

“We were really blown away by the massive turnout, and the positive vibes that everybody brought to the streets. Very proud to show the rest of the Netherlands: this is what we do best. This is our job, what we live for: organizing large-scale events. I think we have shown both the professionalism of our scene, and the scale of our audience. It’s about time our policymakers show us some respect, and stop muting the voice of more than 100,000 workers and our 1mio+ audience,” told us Bram Merkx, Global Marketing Director at DGTL, and one of the initiators of the protest.

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