Vodka & Red Bull Combination Has Same Effect On Brain As Cocaine

Everybody knows drinking Red Bull can give you wings, but a new study has shown that if you fire in a shot of vodka along with it, the wings might actually work!

Drinking vodka mixed with Red Bull or other energy drinks such as Monster, can change the brain in a similar way to taking cocaine, experts have warned.

Mixing these energy drinks with booze alters the activity in the adolescent brain – which lasts into adulthood, the study reveals.

Dr Richard van Rijn and his team looked at the effects of mixing highly caffeinated energy drinks with alcohol in adolescent mice. Not that we see many mice running around bars in Ibiza, but I suppose they had to start their tests somewhere.

They found that when you mix alcohol of any kind with a highly caffeinated energy drink, the two substances change the chemistry in your brain and has a near-identical effect as that of cocaine. The mice became more active after a slug of red bull and vodka and behaved in a very similar way to the mice they tested with cocaine.

Is it just us or do these mice sound like they are having an easy time of it in this lab? What next? Bring them on a mini-boat party around the research campus?

The study also found that mice given the booze / energy drink mix had a much higher tolerance for cocaine as they grew into adulthood, needing more of the drug to reach a high.

“We’re clearly seeing effects of the combined drinks that we would not see if drinking one or the other” stated Dr Richard van Rijn, so you’re fine to drink them separately in moderation, but once you begin mixing them, you start to see these cocaine like effects.



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