Watch: Portax Delivers Techno Live Set From A Deserted Island In The Pacific

In the time where we see many DJs share their live streams from many unique and unusual places on a daily basis, our absolute favorite is an up and coming techno name Portax and his Techno Island project.

Techno live set was recorded at a wonderful pacific atoll, lost in New Caledonia coral reef.

Portax is a French techno producer originally from Montpellier, France. This artist broadened and constructed his musical identity by frequenting raves and well-known techno clubs from the South of France.

He soon expressed a taste for deep and dark sounds which you will see him showcasing in the amazing video below.

Breathtaking location and the proper underground techno style is what Portax wanted to showcase in this video, as well as his musical identity that is constantly innovating.

Another thing to know is that Portax wanted to share his creations with the fans so the tracks you have heard in this video are from his new LP named ‘PANIK’.

Album is available on Beatport as a set separate of EP and released on Perfekt Groove Recordings. Grab your copy of PANIK I, PANIK II & PANIK III here

Stay tuned with Portax for more techno live streams!


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