What Ecstasy Dealer From Acid Era Has To Say?

Bill Brewster from Mixmag made one very interesting interview. He found one of the original pill dealers of the acid house boom and gets the good stuff.

Here are some of the most interesting questions and answers. You can read the interview in full here.

When did you first get into ecstasy?

I first took E in 1987, so I was one of the first people selling it in London. I started buying it in small amounts from a guy in South London. The first batch I bought, he sold me 10 and they were £25 each and at that time they were all capsules. There were no tablets at all. They were little yellow capsules, 125mg. You opened them up and the stuff inside looked like brown sugar. I’d tried just about everything there was in the 80s, so ecstasy was like a breath of fresh air. it just felt so clean and natural. I remember not actually believing that it was even a drug.

How did you sell it?

I used to go to Shoom and a bag of 200 would be gone in half an hour. I’d just stand there with the bag in my hand, stuffing the cash in my pocket and at the end of it when I’d sold all of them I used to go out to my car with my pockets wedged with cash, lift up the carpet, spread the cash out with my hands and put the carpet back down. I’d have three grand in cash spread out under my carpet! By the end of that year I had shoeboxes full of cash in my flat. It just flew.

Did ecstasy become more available as it got more popular?

I went out to Ibiza in around June 1988, and this kid just pulled up next to me on a little motor scooter in the back streets of San An. I recognised him from London and Ibiza, and he said, “You’ve been getting Es off so-and-so haven’t you?” I said, “Yeah”. He said, “Well he gets them off me. I can do them for £9 each.” I said “OK, yeah, please.” Then the scale of it shot up. When Spectrum started on Monday nights it was just crazy. It was like a license to print money.

Did the police have any idea what was happening?

They didn’t have a clue what was going on to start with. The police came in to Shoom one night when I was in there. I was standing at the bar with a big bag of pills in one pocket, a big wedge of cash in the other pocket. It was weird; I looked at them and thought they were in fancy dress… and started talking to them. They walked around in there with completely fazed looks on their faces, just wandered around and then left. The police had absolutely no fucking idea what was going on.


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