10 Types Of Ravers You Can Find

Feature image credit: FB/Play Serbia

Here’s some types of ravers you’ll definitely meet. So where do you fit?

The newbie ravers 

You can’t miss to find these guys. And yeah, there’s nothing bad attending raves for the first time, you can all remember the excitement. Just tips for newbies there are no dress codes for raves, and slow down with drinks and stuff and enjoy your good time.

I only drink water squad

People who only drink water, whether they are high or want to stay sober and just enjoy the music. Of course, don’t be ashamed to order water, you can overheated when you’re dancing all night.

Techno’s number one fan

Techno is not a fashion it’s passion, but then there are always people with techno t-shirts and beanies followed by ‘techno is my religion’ tattoos. That doesn’t mean you love techno more than the rest.

Raving couples

Couples who rave together, stay together, right?

Rave pros

They know why they’re here and that’s where they belong! People who never miss a good rave. Usually in the first row and center of the dance floor.


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