Win Wars With Acid?

Can LSD help America win wars? A scholarly article in the February issue of Marine Corps Gazette—a professional journal published by the Marine Corps Association—suggests exactly that.

Written by Maj. Emre Albayrak, the paper makes the case that the military should explore the “innovative cognitive benefits gained through microdosing with psychedelics,” something that scientists, Silicon Valley executives and biohackers are already harnessing.

Albayrak, an active duty officer who has served with Marine recon and intel units, believes intelligence analysts could benefit from entering a mental “flow” state to help them think more creatively—and that LSD might help troops get there faster. “Flow states have been entered with microdosing, and research supports the idea that a cognitive advantage can be gained,” he writes. “Through well-designed experimentation and the use of psychedelics in intelligence analysis, an advantage may be gained over our adversaries.”

Via: The Daily Beast/Getty


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