You can now smell like a techno club thanks to the official perfume

Tresor, the Berlin techno institution, has created its own perfume.

Celebrating 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Tresor has linked up with Holynose to create a scent that is based on the legendary Berlin club.

Holynose worked with regular visitors of the club, along with the club’s owner, Dimitri Hegemann. Together they created a scent based around the smell of Tresor’s dancefloor to be released alongside a new Russian translation of Der Klang Der Familie (Berlin, Techno and the Fall of The Wall), a book detailing how Techno became a thriving part of youth culture in the wake of the fall of the wall.

Tresor closed its doors in 2005 only to come back two years later to continue being a landmark for Berlin’s techno scene.

Dimitri Hegemann has also been busy, opening a new club in Westphalia and planning projects in Detroit.



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