Premiere: Diarmaid O Meara ‘Cool as a Cucumber’ (De-Konstrukt)

‘Cool as a Cucumber’ is Diarmaid O Meara’s latest EP and his first solo release on New York-based label De-Konstrukt.

In this time of crisis, when so much of our experience of music is limited to the confines of our homes, listening to something that so confidently awakens a sense of movement is a blessing. Luckily for us then, Diarmaid O Meara’s latest EP does just that.

The EP is Diarmaid O Meara’s first solo release on New York-based label De-Konstrukt, consisting of three techno floor bangers. ‘I Must Be Dreaming’ is a hypnotic and summery techno track, while ‘Establishment Full of Scensters’ is a driving and upbeat production that Diarmaid O Meara recorded in one take on an Octatrack, TR-8 and modular setup. ‘Cool as a Cucumber’, however, is boomy style techno track with a hypnotic baseline which makes it perfect for grande warehouse parties.

The release date is July 20th.


Diarmaid O Meara – I Must Be Dreaming (Original Mix)
Diarmaid O Meara – Establishment Full of Scensters (Original Mix)
Diarmaid O Meara – Cool as a Cucumber (Original Mix)


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