Premiere: Samy Jarrar ‘Extasy’ (Minimalism Records)


Talented up and coming producer Samy Jarrar is here to deliver new mesmerizing and hypnotic tunes.

Samy Jarrar’s new massive, relentless and emotional techno anthem, masterpiece EP ‘Extasy’ is forging a path for electronic music to sound imaginative in its rhythmic allusions epic basslines and special vocals. Extasy is describing ‘That Special Feeling’ trough energetic upbeats and uplifting rhythms, cheerful. It’s an irresistible track with an epic ‘Emotion’ which gathered 6 remixers around the world in order to describe that special feeling called ‘P.L.U.R.’ by adding their own signature to the original title track.

Remixes have been done by some of the names that released already for Minimalism Records and among them are Giuseppe Provenza, Jack Doe and Talson, while the roster was joined by: Akoriz, Q’le and Toma Hawk.

Early support came from names such as Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Marco Carola, Popof, Frank Kvitta, Luigi Madonna, Stiv Hey, Alen Milivojevic, Jan Marie Kone and many others.

Official release date is April 1st.

Hear our favorite tune from the release below.


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