Avoid – Sektor EP

In spite of the fact that it means keeping or staying away from someone or something, AVOID uncovers sign of an unmissable figure in the Balkan’s techno underground.

Before rediscovering himself in the vast darkness, Vladimir Aćić was propelled to the international scene after a show at EXIT Dance Arena in 2003. His set was proclaimed festival’s best mix in a neck-and-neck race with Jeff Mills and Pete Tong. Soon, the success of his first EP “Mala Žabica” on Italo Business followed, he became a protégé of Slovenian hero UMEK and the releases on prominent labels 1605, Sleaze and Analytic Trail started attracting attention, as much as the latest addition to Monosaccharide’s techno label, Digitronica.

First part of the EP portrays the devastating and ruinous force of the earthquake, made up of burst of energy and distortion of the bass, after which “SEKTOR 1” takes on a new dimension by introducing a muffled epic melody with an emphasized tension. Below you can see the video prepared by Dragana Milinković from the duo Monosaccharide.

Stripped to the bone and reduced to a rhythm with a low admixture of the atmosphere, “SEKTOR 2” reflects the energy of the club that entered into its fifth hour after midnight.

“SEKTOR 3” puts the final dot on the latest issue of the Digitronica label – fast circular movements, leaving behind a short dotted track, the effect of falling of colorful droplets of acid on a black canvas.

After recent success on regional labels and return from a summer tour in Europe, AVOID is getting more and more attention. Vladimir’s sound has become synonymous with the modern form of an energetic, almost abrasive techno with a wide range of atmospheric melodies.


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