Love Fever Records has been responsible for some huge hits in recent times. The label has put out music from the likes of Bicep and Citizenn as well as John Daley and now it is ABSOLUTE. who steps up. His three cuts get remixed by William Djoko not once, but twice, and it makes for a fresh EP that really packs a punch.

Mind Control kicks things off with freaky drums and weird vocals all wrapping round a rooted groove. It is a great track to fuck with your mind in the late night hours and if you prefer to focus on the drums, then the dub mix without the vocals should do the trick. Then comes Acid 8, a more banging track with rasping synths and bulky drums demanding you dance. It is sweaty and peak time and sure to make a big mark. Mind Control then gets reworked by William Djoko and the first version is a spangled, dubbed out and heady low rider for the connoisseurs out there then the second remix is more wild, with mad bleeps, slapping hits, dirty bass and lots of occult energy all pent up inside the groove. As such this EP will find lots of fans on leftfield floors this summer.


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