Review: TWAN – Entropia

TWAN releases “Entropia,” his newest alternative electronic/dance single set to mesmerize listeners from the press of play. The lush production is filled with melodic elements and chaotic atmospheres that will take anyone on a musical journey. It’s a vivid, tempered release that should receive many different interpretations from those willing to dive deep into it.

TWAN, on his new record “Entropia”,  has served up a dizzyingly simple blend of noirish soundscapes, alternative electronic music, garage, IDM and Ibiza chillout sounds that ultimately result in fresh, deeply engaging sound. In our eyes, he lists himself as a producer, and you could realistically add ‘sound visionary’ to that list.

The sound itself is tough to categorize, especially owing to the variety of sounds that he blends together – yet the whole record seems to be seamless in execution, mixing an orchestral scope with a kinetic, summer club energy, or it’s perfect for early morning at festivals. It’s a fascinating idea.

I felt the single was somewhere intense and has a force. Not only sonically with perfectly crafted grooves and melodic elements, but especially in personal way. It was a taste of lightness. It’s peaceful, yet playful and you will be hooked the the tune until the very end.

This is quite something else entirely. With constant force flowing, “Entropia” is a certified electronic hit that will infuse energy into any listener.

Grab your copy HERE.


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