Techno Tourism: 10 Must-Visit Rave Destinations

5. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza should really just be renamed the eternal land of the party. It’s been going strong as the capital of all dance music since the 90s and house heads, trance families and DJ royalty have been flocking there ever since. Non-music types get down there too. This summer, Givenchy designer Ricardo Tisci assembled the ranks for his 40th birthday party and supermodel Cara Delevigne just celebrated her 22nd there. The place is timeless. So are it’s clubs. Party like a celeb and never look back.
Where you should go: Sankey’s

4. Kiev, Ukraine

Another mecca of Kiev nightlife, Closer is known for techno-raves that last from Friday night through to Monday afternoon. Beginning as a small nomadic venture six years ago, since 2013 it has been situated in a former ribbon factory-turned-art centre with co-working spaces, exhibitions, weekly jazz nights and a summer veranda that opens out into the picturesque Tatarka hills. Operating under the ethos of “bringing people closer with music”, this is the kind of place that tries very hard to create friends out of strangers, so be prepared for face control. Ukraine-born global DJ Nastia returns here every year to celebrate her birthday, bringing music industry friends from around the world. Closer also hosts regular festivals including Strichka and most recently Brave! Factory.

Where you should go: Closer

3. Tbilisi, Georgia

While parts of Tbilisi can be quite conservative, Bassiani, located in the basement of Georgia’s national football club, does not hold back. The club has rightly put Tbilisi on the map as one of the world’s blossoming clubbing capitals, inspiring comparisons with the UK’s second summer of love and Berlin in the early 1990s.

Where you should go: Bassiani

2. Belgrade, Serbia

This cathedral-like space in Belgrade should be top of any techno pilgrimage. Situated in the industrial part of the city, Drugstore is far from holy: once the biggest slaughterhouse in the Balkans it’s hard to beat warehouse club for its experimental lineup and dystopian vibe.

Where you should go: Drugstore,

  1. Warsaw, Poland

The Polish capital has built a reputation for housing the country’s best dance music scene, as it’s bustling with bigger nightclub events as well as experimental techno offerings and after-hours gigs. Warsaw’s healthy arts scene helps to fuel the desire for bookings that challenge the tastes of conservative house and techno culture with noise-leaning electronics and deconstructed club sounds.

Where you should go: Instytut


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