Top 5 abandoned places that are screaming for a rave

Buzludzha Monument — Kran, Bulgaria

It was the monument’s architect, Georgi Stoilov, who suggested that the Buzludzha Memorial House should not be paid for by the state, thus putting strain on the national budget. Instead, he saw this as a ‘monument of the people’ and believed that the people should be encouraged to donate willingly towards its construction.

Today the Memorial House on Buzludzha Peak is a skeleton of its former self. The glass is gone from its windows, the red star has been smashed, and the intricate murals that decorate the interior are falling gradually to the elements.

In that ruined state though, Buzludzha began to attract new visitors. The breathtaking location, the melancholic atmosphere of decay, and all of that combined with the rich political significance of the monument, soon began to attract the attention of the world’s media.

Historic Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum

Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum has held a special place in the hearts of generations of Glaswegians. A world class museum in a truly magnificent building, bringing an amazing range of art, history and nature to life.

Access from the ground floor level to the first floor level is via grand staircases at the outer ends of the side courts, or via a number of other staircases. Before its renovation, Kelvingrove used the ground floor as a museum and the first floor as an art gallery. Coupled with a more confusing and fragmented layout than you find today, one effect was that fewer than 30% of visitors ever went up to the first floor level.

The “new” Kelvingrove’s response to this, as well as returning to a less fragmented layout that means the stairs are obvious and easy to get to, has been to remove the old thematic division between first and ground floors. Instead, each of the two main floors is half dedicated to “life” and half to “expression”. Individual galleries are themed, and within each theme exhibits are set in context.

French Military Base

Rave here was announced 2 years ago, The Area 217 festival, but unfortunately, event on the runway at the Bretigny-sur-Orge base station was canceled. Maybe there will be another one in near future.


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